What have you seen on your journey

Did you break someone’s heart

Did you stir up trouble

Did you write a song and play it for the stars

As they danced around you

Inviting you to follow them

To a far off place

Where all of your hidden thoughts are exposed

Where it’s okay to cry

It’s okay for your hands to tremble

It’s okay for your troubleshooting conversations to be mumbled out of your solitary lips

Where dreams are brighter than a lit up screen

Adults can feel again without being prescribed drugs to make life a little more dull 

With the weight of expectations lifted from slouching shoulders that have grown boney 

From all of the guilt lifted up that mountain you live on

Overlooking the common folk

The middle class that doesn’t see the water rising

The benevolently yet naively happy ones

That drink their contaminated water with extra white teeth sharp enough to bite through USDA choice steak

As they praise each other for choices well made

For lives correctly built

For money wisely spent and saved

For choosing suitable mates with no unsightly baggage

What a snow globe we have created 

Shaking it when it gets too stale

You had to leave for a while

I don’t you blame you

I’ve tried to blast off from this rock a time or two

But I’m anchored by dreams that are too big

A heart that pumps one hundred percent of the time

Feeling from the tips of my split ends to the curves of my crooked toes 

I’m sick of listening to people talk

Is that why you went away

I’m sick of being reminded of what I should have done

Because that doesn’t change today

I’m sick of being told I’m an amazing creature

Only to be placed behind glass

If you have a map to follow the stars

I’m looking to get away


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