A Great Fall

It’s time to get back

To skin warmed by the sun

Giggles beneath freckles

Tingles from favorite songs

Focusing too much 

On the problems of this world

Herder than it seems 

As the problems 

Build and multiply 

Like makeshift huts 

With no building restrictions

Piling up until they cave in 

Casualties reduce overpopulation

But life can’t be lived that way

Creating mud huts under the pressure

Just waiting to crack

I am enough

Maybe too much

But my light is bright

Even when people choose to not see it 

Shining for them

To lead them home

They think it’s a trap


No reply

Sinking beneath the capitalism of success

What a life we could live

If we cared a bit more about people 

Than a “successful” “stress-free” life 

If we strived

To dance in the grass

When it cools down our feet

To run in the sand

When it pulls at our calves

Kissing in the rain

Is the ultimate gift

If we can’t love through tribulation

We don’t love at all

After all

What is love

But a great fall 


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