Capture the Flag

Growing up

There were hills 

With no cities over the horizon

We pledged allegiance to flags 

Captured from the other side

We had hope in the clouds 

That promised us rain

That would one day 

Wash away the chains

Of a reality that held us back

Only to be shot down 

Once we learned how to fly

We learned not to complain

As it only left us more alone

Scraping dry blood 

From our eyebrows

Alone in the dark

Of a drafty basement

That kept ghosts hidden 

Under the stair 

Drawn into the drywall

I had a dream of driving away

Leaving nothing by the glow of taillights

I still have those dreams

Only there’s nowhere to go

No motorcycle riding into town to take me away

From a life not yet lived

Up to my neck in dirt

There’s no exit plan

Just riding it out 

One pothole at a time

Holding on to dreams 

That filled my eyes 

With sun soaked landscapes 

Inviting me to run again

Across the dirt

The unwanted wildflowers shine in their defiance

I long to lay in their beds

That keep air in my lungs

I long to feel alive


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