We’re Doing It Wrong

I think we’re doing it wrong

Confined by what has been pre approved

No consideration for colors outside the lines

That define less isolated shapes

Even the nonconformists find themselves 

Encased in cellophane cocoons

Anger is an emotion 

Just as righteous as peace

It must be confronted 

And let out to dry

I will not cloak my disappointment 

With what you could have been

You were weaker than your dreams

I stood outside last night

Screamed at the moon

She hushed me to sleep

Kissing both eyes

My spirit was kicked into place

When the shadows encircled me from all sides

I won’t be detained 

Or entrapped

Or victimized

I built this house 

In the trees

Under the Milky Way 

A galaxy I call home

It is mine 

Just as much as it is yours

I’ve decided to stake claim

Begin living this life



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