Just Enough

For a moment 

I forgot 

For a second

I let my thoughts wander

Then I discovered gravity again

I realized

M greatest sorrow would be not having you

My greatest loss would be not seeing you smile

You test me


You push me

But you’re mine

Now until the stars collide

Super nova in outer space 

My blood in your veins

My freckles on your face

People will always come in and out our front door

Without wiping their feet

The door itself will warp and be replaced

But you will be my lighthouse 

As I navigate stormy seas

In a rickety boat

Unsuitable to sail

We’ll make it work 

We always do

Who knows what violent swells lie ahead

But I thank God every day 

Every morning

Every night

That He made sure you would be mine

You can hate me

You can think I did it all wrong

Sometimes you’ll be right

You’ll grow up and go your way

Even then

Pieces of you will stay

This world is full of people

But in the end

It’s just us 

And that’s just enough


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