Unstable Cliffs

I am unattainable 

No one wants to hold onto 

Objects that spontaneously combust

Not undesirable

You fell in love with me quickly

Like water filling a void

Evaporated before either of us had grasped what was happening 

To the unstable cliffs we were standing on

Though those flowers we planted 

Started taking root

Now you walk by 

With music in your ears

Visors over your eyes

So you won’t see me

When you start to ask why

Or maybe you don’t

And I don’t

And it doesn’t 

And we didn’t 

Or Shouldn’t have

I can’t help it 

That my home 

Reminds me of you

In the living room

Where we danced 

And sang

And laughed 

And said those things 

We aren’t supposed to feel anymore

Because life got hard

And I don’t understand the rest

Left in pieces 

That I’ve been trying to make fit 

Into an empty frame

That is a picture of what went wrong

When there was everything 

And then nothing

Faster than I can understand

This is what we do now

We walk away when 

The ground begins to shake 

And plates begin to fall

Breaking on the floor

Leaving someone else to clean up the mess

I’ve got the broom

I’ll get the dust pan too


This is what I do


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