Back Home

This one ripped out the chain 

No anchor to keep the boat in place

Logic rattled

Heart taking over

A ship manned by a broken heart

The most dangerous plot conceivable

Fully armed with an arsenal 

Programmed for self destruction

I let myself be bare 

All of the pieces of myself laid out

Once the bomb went off

The pieces scattered

The inventory is off

The waves carried my compassion to the east

My perseverance to the west

I am a motionless vessel stuck in the doldrums of what could have been

Every gust of sea breeze is a violent reminder that the sails have been shredded

The boards are beginning to leak

Just as the order has been given to abandon ship

That old stubborn soul that was placed into this world one hundred years too late

Takes hold of the wheel

Shouts “Full speed ahead!”

The sails have been carefully sewn together 

As best they could

The night sky leads us by the stars to a rumor of land

Near the Galápagos

Once there

We will nurse our wounds

Share stories of how we survived past storms 

In different seas 

With different ships

This will be the one that tied us together

The one that changed our life

Got us back on course 

Helped us to always follow the stars

Back home to daylight 


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