We live in a world of fake smiles

“How do you do”s

“Wonderful, thank you”s

What if we wilt 

In the middle of the decorated pavement

Unable to lift the heavy corners of our mouths

Unable to bear the weight of an expectant world demanding its rent be paid 

By Monday 

At 8:00am

No way around the noise

Of people living lives

In harmony with their dreams

Of one woman

One man

Happily coexisting

Barely copulating in their icy beds

Made for convenience

Ease of use

Struggle is poverty

Poverty is sin

Sin is ugly

Unless it’s covered

In rubies and diamonds

Smooth along the edges

I don’t want to be you

Or see you

Or hear you

Or walk with you 

Off a cliff

I want to live 

In the trunk of this tree

In my own harmony

With what I built

But your manicured hands 

That stare at the jagged edges of teeth torn cuticles

Are wearing me down

To my core

That is like the air 

Until it feels cold 

And solidifies 

And sinks

To the bottom of the sea

Where I seem to belong

Because no one wants to see

What happens to the ones left behind

Who actually tried

They don’t fit the equation

Tilt the ratios off

In the wrong direction

Point to flaws in your charity

And your great big heart 

You paint so damn big 

And light up with fluorescent bulbs for all to see

You saint

You perfect sinner

I see you from the gutter

As you push my fingers back down

Out of sight 

Out of mind

You are man

You are woman

And you make my writing divine


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