You Will

And then it’s just you

With oxygenated blood in your veins

No longer contemptuously plotting revenge against someone who never really existed

Because ghosts fade with time

Dreams of familiar touches don’t haunt you quite as often 



Gave me whiplash 

Brain is still buzzing 

Heart is in splinters

I have industrial strength super glue 

Just for the occasion 

But I had to travel up the coast to find it again

What could have been 

Was remarkable

But that type of thinking will leave

Me crippled


Useless to everyone else

This is so old

It can’t be right

It never is 


Can’t seem to get it 


Left left left 

Around the corner

Still not right

I don’t want to do it again

Feel that again

Strapping myself into the seat

Fastening seat belts

Preparing for launch

Let me float in space

Don’t pull back my hair

Don’t tell me what I want to hear

Don’t whisper songs to me at night

Admire from afar 

Simplified sadness with dwindling hope in my eyes

I had this feeling of isolation in my gut when I was born

Not meant to be torn from lips and fingertips

On a field of half-hearted suitors

Some of us are made to be sewn together with souls

Ripping them apart

Worse than broken infected flesh oozing with maggots 

So leave this cryogenically frozen heart right where you found it

It will sustain itself on existence alone

But please

Please don’t ask it to feel again

You will leave


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