Walking along paths of gold

I had my eyes fixed on the ground

I missed the sunset that was God’s gift

The sky opened up and started to pour 

I didn’t know why the flood had begun

The earth crumbled around me

I started to run

I ran to your doorstep 

You had already set sail

I fell to the ground 

Looked at my hands

Covered in dirt

Bloody from the gravel

Why did this happen

I was sleeping in beds laced with flowers

Waking up to sweet iced tea

Kissing what I had always wanted

I forgot the box I had vacated

I forgot the miracle that carried me up that hill 

I needed to be reminded 

Of what He had done for me

I forgot Him and all of his grace 

In exchange for arms of flesh that made promises that couldn’t be kept

I saw it all as the waters rose

I cried in my realization

Peace from understanding 

This was all my fault

I feel what I did 

How ungrateful I had been

Sink or swim

I’ll watch this storm pass

Pray for a second chance


These sins have been paid for

I am set free

I am at peace


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