I was in a drought

Beginning to lose myself

I will not be defined by this

I will keep being the power that I am

Underestimated at every turn

But if you saw the force with which my currents pour through the canyon

You would be afraid

To reckon with such determination

I have overcome the earth 


I always keep flowing

It would have been nice

To flow by your shores

It seemed perfect for a time

Perfection is never permanent

And people don’t travel to the beach for the sand

It’s the mighty waves that come and go as they please

So maybe we can find each other again


When the land longs for the water again 

But I will not stop moving 

In anticipation of an empty scenario with no guarantee

I will always flow with the tides 

Carry the majority of this earth’s life in my veins

You could have danced with the sea

However, I understand being afraid of what lies within


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