Panic Button

Where’s the switch

The panic button

You found yours so quickly

Turned it off

Like night and day

I don’t know how to do that

How to make emotions 

Become indifferent

I don’t know how to give up because it’s hard

I don’t know how to just stop

I keep going and going 

Spitting out blood as I walk

Using my sweater as a sling 

I’ve never had the luxury to just walk away

What must that feel like

To feel the wind on your face

Just because you need fresh air

Not because a storm is coming

I told you 

I feel with the marrow in my bones

You said it was okay

Day one two three

You needed it that way

You were lost for a day

I’ve been out here for years

I should have known better

Maybe I did

Your eyes were hypnotizing 

When they told me what you said 

Guaranteed your sincerity 

The way you held me when we danced

With intentions at zero

I gave you everything up front


Warning labels


You signed every line

Sometimes our hearts make us blind

That’s not news 

That’s been posted for years

Fools in love

Idiots in love




I incinerate in love


One million degrees

The thing that kills me most 

Is hope that it’s not done

Just like everything else

I know it is

But that bastard love

Keeps painting on the walls in my mind

I think it’s time to reclaim that land

Make it my own 

No one is ever allowed back in

Until that idiot, love, comes knocking again

The thing that is missing in love 

Just like everything else

Is perseverance

It’s not meant to be turned off

That’s why the cells have all mutated 

Divorce is a cancer that spreads

Once you find yourself in it 

That bastard, love

You hold onto it

Fight for it

When it reaches a cliff 

Get ready to climb

When it starts to fade

Draw out the light

In all its original glory

It will every time

If we just stop


Stop giving up

Maybe some day we’ll figure it out

When love doesn’t find itself in court

Or angry texts

But in forgiving hands

And thoughtful minds

That work out a problem 

So that love can survive

Until then

Love just dies


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