Saddest Person

The saddest person I ever saw

Had hollow caves for eyes

She was draining to watch

She looked like suicide 

In a tall glass

She was inevitably avoided

Sadness leads to sadness

It brings you down

Which isn’t fair

Not in this world

Run by selfish people 

Yelling at selfish people

Even the protestors are selfish people 

How many refugees do they have in their homes?

The protestors of the protestors are selfish people

How many non-aborted babies do they give a home?

How many hopeless have they fed?

How many single mothers have they given a break?


Because that would drain resources




Because love is a four letter word

We throw around when we want to feel good

But when the going gets tough

We don’t really feel like it anymore

It comes and goes with convenience

But life is not convenient

So love has died long long ago

The reason she is so sad

Is because she carries it with her

But hers was the last to survive


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