“Occhiolism: the awareness of the smallness of your perspective” – John Koenig’s Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows
Little girl

Tell me 

What do you see
You see the sunrise

Despite the emptiness 

In your hands
You are expected

To sit tight

And listen

Don’t squirm

And be 

On task

On task

On task
When you grow up

You’ll be expected to go to work 

On time

Pay your bills

On time

Pick up your children 

On time

Make dinner 

On time

You know what is not

On time

Materials needed to do your work

Money needed to pay your bills

Traffic on your commute 

Lines at the grocery store
That’s okay

You’ve been told 

You’ve been warned 

It’s up to you to plan

For the worst

Leave early

At the least

Set money aside 

At the most

Even layoffs can be planned

Broke down cars can be scheduled 

Roll over accidents can be factored

Not an event

Just an incident

Not the people

Just the obstacle 

That is inconvenient

There is no inconvenience

Once you’re dead

As long as you 



Life insurance

Pay your own funeral bill

Did you get your taxes turned in?
I expect you to smile and do your job

Life is easy

At least as easy as it is for me

It must be for you

We were both born on land

With vertebrae

And skin

Covering essential organs

Used for 


Then slurping 

Two hydrogen 

One oxygen

On our fully developed tongues

No, there is no difference between you and I

No reason for me to see you any differently 

Because all roads lead home

All lives have opportunity
Sometimes we are forced to speak in irony

Because the obviousness of the truth 

That is ignored

Poisons our hope

And the only way to swallow poison

Is to be laughing

As it goes down


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