“Adronitis: frustration with how long it takes to get to know someone” – John Koenig’s Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows
There are levels to love

There are rules on how quickly you can move from one state of being to the next

Then a sonic boom is heard 

And all the rules have been broken

All of the red tape has been waved

A lugubrious state of weightlessness 

Hits like the first notions of insecurity felt when we took our first steps as innocent infants not yet knowing all of the burdens we would be carrying because of our newfound independence

There is interest


Then the walls begin to raise out of reflex

But you

Scaling them like you have been training for the occasion

And then love



Holding hands 

Powerful glances

Softness of whispering lips

I’ve waited to want to get to know someone

So badly

I feel like I’m ripping open a gift left under the tree 

Still dressed in my childhood nightgown

Afraid for the moment that thing doesn’t make me happy

But some gifts are filled with meaning deeper than their solid form

Not backed by money and status

They continue to give and give and give 

In a memory of a feeling that exists beyond the capabilities of material possessions

I want to know everything

But I will unwrap the pieces of you


As I enjoy the anticipation

Of discovering something made 

Only for me

In this moment 

I love you

I wrapped it for you to find 


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