“Sonder: the realization that each passerby has a life as vivid and complex as your own” -John Koenig’s Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows
My words:
Face of experience

More than you could handle

You tried to escape

Became lost

That dress makes you feel like you did

Before everyone stopped looking for you

You know what it’s like to be ignored

Touching people all day

Relieve their stress

They leave

You count the minutes until you can go home

Take a hot bath

Today you hold your head high

You twist your hips in unnatural ways

It feels good to be back

Arch your back

Slightly flex your calves

Those pants haven’t been worn

Since before your daughter was born

You hate counting change

Wonder why people still write checks

You dream of an apocalypse

You know what you would do

Run to sporting goods

Set up camp

You aren’t pretending to laugh

Looking down at your phone

He keeps texting back

You thought you were done after the last one

This one is quick with his wit

You smile at everyone

But only mean it once in a while

Women use to mean it too

Now they just see

A nice old man

You miss flushed cheeks when eyes met eyes

You see her with a cigarette out her window

Imagine offering her a light

Drive by smiling

She reminds you what you drive

With a dismissive glance

You hate this part of town

You meant what you said

Her nails looked nice

She didn’t need to leave a bigger tip

Maybe no one had seen her in a while

She was old

Ageless beauty

Sharing what you know

You were top of your class

Working in customer service wasn’t what you had planned

You imagine someday someone will comment on all that you know

You fear you will disappear

No one will ever know


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