“Monachopis: the subtle but persistent feeling of being out of place” -John Koenig’s Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows
I rolled out onto the floor from inside a bag of marbles

I was out of sorts for a week or so until I started watching how things moved

I imitated what I saw being quite good at blending in

But I had a gash in my marble sphere that caused me to slow down eventually coming to a stop

Once in a while

I tried to simply pick up momentum

But sometimes that wasn’t enough

Others were behind me

And I interrupted their flow

I began to be noticed for nothing I wanted to be seen

I kept my head down and avoided making connections at all costs

One time I was picked up

Placed onto a platform

The gash in my sphere fit perfectly onto a lever that picked me up

Hurled me up into the air

It must have been calculated because I fell perfectly and comfortably onto a ramp that guided me smoothly back down to the floor

I suppose I was never meant to fit in

Roll along in a line

I much prefer flying


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