How It Feels

There is a void

Where your words should be

They are yours and no one else’s

You deserve that

But I don’t know how to express it 


How it feels to see your face each time we first meet like approaching home after a long trip

How it feels to be surprised by your grace each time it is seen without being shown

How it feels to see you looking back at me knowing I don’t deserve all of that admiration

How it feels to wait for your laugh when you think you’ve said something wrong because it gives me a place to sneak inside 

Behind that confidence that drew me in to your embrace

The way you move me where I need to be so you can kiss me at that perfect angle that makes my knees tingle

There is no urgency but its current is strong and you’re sweeping me away

I don’t want to own you just as I can not be owned 

But I will give you pieces of me to carry with you so you may remember that this feeling is real

When you are ready to return them 

I’ll write you a new song 

You can discover a new side of who I am and how we can connect 

I’ll do this for an eternity 

As long as you always return back to me


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