Sometimes we learn lessons driving backwards down dark alleys at night

We think it is an education

But it haunts us

Makes us relive it 

Over and over and over

Trying to figure out


Following footsteps


Pouring cement into sneakers


Hitting our heads against the wall

Move forward ten steps

Feel normal again

Then our dirt is found under the rug

Questioning eyes don’t ask 

What they see in fearful faces

Feeling the pressure on shoulders that are already heavy laden 

Paying debts for other people’s sins


People like to point fingers for extra work needing to be done

So innocence is labeled with a debt to pay

Taking it on

The victim becomes the criminal

I want my hands to be clean

I want to be seen for who I was

Who I am

Calculating how to get away

Couldn’t solve the equation

When I finally cracked the code

Wrapped my head around it 

All backs were turned 

They faced forward quickly  

Only to cast bitter remarks with forked tongues

When I went running back to the only barbed wire arms that were open to me 

With false hopes and broken promises

Try and take credit for this victory now that I’m on top of the hill

All the violence is in the past

But I remember being alone

In the street holding myself

In a torn dress

The only thing I owned

Your face will not be expunged

It was never in that picture

I have scars that witnessed my escape

And they speak for me


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