Marvelous Mystery

Let’s take this in

Consider it

Embrace it

Live it

Love it

Let’s ride on the backs of children’s dreams

Let our pride be sifted away 

It only holds us back 

From living up to what our ambitions were 

When our thoughts were pure

We wanted to make the world better

See it change colors

See bad people fold in on themselves 

Using powers for good

Making people listen 

With the sound of our singing voice

Raised like an echo

Sending enlightenment back 

In the form of a feeling you just know

Feel in your gut 

When we were young we didn’t question it

We just stood up in the back of the car

Hands raised to feel the air chasing the light from the stars

We whispered verses to the moon

Saw her nod back

She liked what we said 

Sending signals out into space

Look out over the sea

Not forgetting where these dreams came from

Letting the scales of sea creatures paint our imagination


We should go back there

Where wonder rules

Everything is a marvelous mystery


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