What can be done 

What can be said

There is hurt so deeply cut into this earth’s surface 

That we feel it 

Vibrating through the asphalt we paved to try and bring humanity closer together

Instead we run each other down

Drive by with loaded guns

Killing is common and seen

Shared images created as art or expression

But it ended as entertainment 

As much substance as reality television 

That is running a nation 

Conceived in liberty 

For a select few 

That walk the way they should 


With their eyes narrowed

On money in pockets

Laziness is contagious


The ONLY reason for poverty

Because life doesn’t happen

Jobs are never lost

Opportunity never taken away

Everyone makes the right choice

ALL of the time 

Mothers don’t overdose

Children choose their fate

Little girl’s don’t need to hold their daddy’s hand through life when he chooses to walk away

Everything works out as planned

And no one ever dies

Unless they’re extremely old

Or extremely poor

And it was just better that way

Utopia is real

As long as there is money for alimony and child support

Five different times

To cover up 

And gloss over

And pretend 

With teeth whitening strips

That bleach your soul

But God has an x-ray 

At the pearly gates

I have a feeling you’ll be exposed

Insides rotting

Pasted together with gold 

And pieces of other people’s organs 

That you stole

What is done in infinite wisdom

With divine grace 

Is not for me to say

But you’ll see it in angel’s eyes 

When they aren’t deceived by your lies


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