In Time




Room to grow


I had it


Tiny shell

You stepped on it

Cracked it open 


Into the empty corners of space

That beg for attention

Stories to tell

Love to give

Laughter to hear

You are a road map to the stars 

Showing me places 

I didn’t know I wanted to visit

Now it makes sense

That was the loneliness

When my hand was being held

That was the not quite right

Smiling in a picture 

That was the “Is this it?”

In the morning

Now, lying next to you

I feel souls intertwine

In all of its cliche 

This feeling is so much more beautiful 

Than the images we have taken

Trying to describe its face

I’ll follow you through this wrinkle in time

We’ll make our way back to the beginning

Start where we were all there is

Build a life

We never imagined 

We could live


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