If you can hear me




Explosions in space 

Don’t make a sound

Just like my heart expanding




With all of the hope 

Written into songs 

That sprang up from love

That was sought after

Not always received

I’ve got that down

Being not 


Good enough

But you see me like I was meant to be seen

In a crystal reflection

An abstract painting

That accentuates my flaws 

Only to be praised 

By your eyes 

That tell me everything

I’ve ever wanted to hear

Without whispering syllables

That end up being expendable

Because words are cheap

But not when you etch them

Into the palm of my hand 

With a soft touch

That feels like a blanket 

Keeping me warm

When the sweater on my back 

Has worn thin

From overexposure

To the elements

Of human nature

In all of its brutality

But here

In your arms

It is eternally spring

Bringing color to my cheeks

And warmth to my eyes

That only hope to reflect this feeling 

Back to you

In half its glory


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