Maybe This Time

I’ve come to warn you

To set off the alarm

To tell you it’s time to evacuate

All of those things that bring you to your knees

And push your face to the ground

Are headed this way

There is no knowing if you will make it out alive

You may be trampled again

Beneath a multitude of people who know better

Maybe this time

We can leave together

In a celebration

Of what we’ve become 

Of who we are

Of what has been learned

Sharing thoughts that explode off the tips of our tongues 

As if they were meant to be there 

When the earth first existed

Like a whisper in the cosmos

We just found them out 


In unison

Your eyes tell me you know it too

But nothing is guaranteed

So I’ll sound the alarm

Stay on high alert


I’ll wait for you around the corner

Hoping I won’t be let down

And the security can be loosened

The threat non-existent 

Too early to tell


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