I’ve got things hidden 

That come to the surface 

On a full moon

I don’t like seeing them

But they demand to be fed 

I don’t like talking about them

But people ask questions

I want to move forward

Just be understood

Here is a list from my past

The judgement has been made

The fines paid

That’s not how life works

People demand an explanation

It wasn’t my fault

People want to understand

I only just started to see for myself

I don’t want to relive moments that were forced upon me

That make me feel less than what I’ve always been

Because I was shoved in a corner

And told to keep quiet

While shadows dug graves in the dirt at night 

I didn’t place those bodies there

And I didn’t have a voice

I don’t want to explain how I became exiled

I don’t want to talk about why I’m alone 

Here in the desert

I want to keep walking

Along the pavement 

Towards the city lights

One day I’ll stand in front of that city

Both feet on the ground


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