The Gift

There’s a city 

On the edge of the world

It has streets that move

And buildings that grow

It breathes in the nightlife 

And spreads its arms during the day 

One morning this city fell into darkness

As the lights 

Natural and man-made





People stopped

As they tried to move again

They bumped and tripped and stumbled around 

Trying to follow their other senses they had for a long time ignored

There was a man who watched the city from a mountain top

He lived on his own

He loved no one

And received no love in return

When he saw they were in trouble he sighed 

Knowing he had to do what was right

He reached up and took a piece of the sun

It burned his hand

So he had to run

He moved as fast as he could until his hand was blistered 

He stumbled just at the edge of the city limits

As he fell 

The sunshine rolled from his fingers

He watched as the streets caught beautiful fire

Then sizzled as it just as quickly smothered itself out

Just as quickly the sun bounced up into the sky

And there was light

The man’s hand was now useless 

Disfigured and ugly

A woman walked over and helped him up

Confused she questioned

“Why did you help us

We’ve never given you anything”

He replied

“Now you have”


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