Finally Working

It’s a little repetitive 

And it goes 

Boom boom boom

Saying things we’ve all heard before

Boom boom boom

Feeling feelings we’ve all felt before 

Boom boom boom

But right now 

It goes 






Skipping a beat 


Must be out of sorts

Must be broken

Or someone got it going 

Working like it should

Pumping blood to hidden corners that had dried up 

Almost before it existed 

Pieces of bodies that failed to function

Until someone woke it up

And sent it out 

Over the continent 

Up up 



Into orbit

Sending signals that had never been heard

This is an awakening

And it feels like gold

Not the rock

But the status

Of having worth

Not having become something new

But being seen for the value of what was

And loving the reflection 

That isn’t needed 

Because the mirror shines with its own light 

That captures the sun

Oh my

What have we done


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