There are things that we 


But try not to feel 

Afraid of overstimulation

Revving into the red

I could imagine an entire lifetime

But I know the dangers of walking too close 

To the edge

So I let myself look over

Enjoy the breeze

For now

I’m just an onlooker

Waiting for the mist of a crashing wave 

That is pure passion 

In a moment

That carves itself

Into sand

Creating a cliff

That sees nothing 

But the beauty of the sea

The elegance in its form

The movements of its shape

Liquid hitting something solid

With delicate force

Whispering knowledge without sound

Making dolphins laugh 

In the energy of the moment

Comfortable in their permanent homes

I love those moments

Of feeling at ease

Like burdens are being lifted 

Light is opening up

But I am onlooker

I simply observe

When does an onlooker become a participant?

Maybe they were all along


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