Looking Up

I feel 


Looking up

Eyes wide

I feel



Arms open

I love the feelings

When life is aligned

No needs

Just grateful deeds

A mountain top looks nice

When having nothing

Doesn’t scare you

Everything is a gift

And it’s nice

To see you


Wrapped in ribbons and bows

Holding people tight

Because they are the only things that glow

When the candles burn out

And the wine is all gone

I’ll be happy for sharing moments with you

When moments were few 

And the trees hear our words

And spread them through the air

Because our thoughts are what will grow

And attitudes will show

What it is we truly are

Always needing to be more

But striving to be enough

Even though it’s often a bluff

To pretend we are what we simply pretend

But truly intend

To live up to these interpretations

Penned without limitations

I see you

And it makes me smile


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