Soggy Puddles

Look at where we are kid

You and me

Have seen the world shift from blue to grey to majestic purple

And you are still just a little human

There has been a lot of land covered

A lot of life traveled 

A lot of obstacles overcome

You and I 

Little one

You’ve been my sidekick

My copilot

My helper

You have cried

And laughed 

And struggled

And conquered 

Somewhere we lost track

Of what has been seen

Someone told you

You’re trash 

And for a moment 

You considered it 


Not you

You listen when I tell you that you

Were born next to the sea

In arms that chose to have you 

And only 


To hold as their own as long as this earth will allow

So when people who are hurting

Tell you 

“You’re trash”

You look around confused

And tell them

“You can’t mean me

I’m too special”

And walk away 

That isn’t you, little girl

You splash in the rain

And show it 

How much fun

Soggy puddles can be


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