A Moment

 Can a moment be had 

Just to share

It’s nice 

In a glimpse of time 


Just feeling 

Breathe in skin

That reminds me of a dream 

I had of running away 

A lifetime ago 

When I was fifteen 

And the earth seemed mean

But it hadn’t yet grown teeth

Usually vacant 

And uninvested

Obviously flawed 

Believed to be 

Rightfully so

But now I see high gloss enamel

And seamless transitions 

That make me nervous

Of what could be if the skin 

Is pulled back

The bones exposed

Every cell unwrapped 

Makes it seem easier to hold

Which scares me to death

In a fantastic way

Like waves in the sea

Or the flash of light before sunset

Beautiful traditions that bring us 

Life and constellations

Dancing in the rain

Seeing colors fused

I like seeing your eyes when the sun replaces the moon

Call me when you’re ready

It’s always in time 

I’ll climb in this dinghy 

Rock with each wave

Tilt my head back 

Embracing the light

Hear your voice

And smile

I don’t have to look to see you’re 

Steering this vessel home



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