High Def Love

I love you in high def

Even when you test the boundaries

Showing off broken glass and paint on the walls

I’m not into playing pretend 

Fake smiles on the sidewalk

You know when I’m disappointed 

But I regret having a raised voice

When it feels like the earth is spinning at a faster speed than gravity can maintain

I should inhale deeply and reflect on the cause 

But sometimes I’m tired

And all the time

I’m tired

I’m moving muscles in my arms 

And jumping synaptic gaps 

To ensure that we can live

Then I have to be here 

A model for how you should be

But not always replicating what I hope you could see

Please hold on to the laughter 

And the colors

And kicking the ball

The things in between getting from here to there

When singing was loving every note 

Sung off key

And laughing at words that remind us of sounds we normally don’t say

I think about you when you’re not next to me

I miss you even when you are near 

I know we won’t always be so close

And I’ll long to see your light bulb face

So please make a silly look to fill up that space

And think about how it feels

To embrace a feeling that knows I’ll always hold you dear


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