Sometimes I feel


And nails

Under the skin

Its heavy

And metal

And rusted

And it doesn’t fit onto my back

So they strapped it to my shoulders

With leather 

That wedges its way under my skin

Until it becomes a part of my cells that welcome it in

I didn’t always wear it

Not in its wholeness

But a part of me knew it was my burden to bare


For the weight 

Knowing it would be pressing down

Until my knees hit the ground

Sometimes I’m lifted up

And told it won’t be so bad

But it’s always figured out 

That its not fair

To bring down the buoyancy of their vessel

With the excess weight of my burden 

I’ve tried 

To learn 

How to to walk upright 

Without hunching my back

But my muscles quiver just thinking of the strength needed for that

I feel pressure to be good enough so that someone can see who I was 

When my legs weren’t bowed and my eyes weren’t covered by shadows 

But maybe even that is too much

To think on 

When the wrinkles in my brain are attempting to straighten themselves out so you won’t see all of the flaws in me

My path is crooked 

And steep

And possibly insurmountable  

Proceed with caution


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