One Foot Passes Another

One foot passes another

Up cold wooden stairs

Following sounds of your voice

That echo through the raised ceiling

You are alone in your astounding state

That draws in light 

Demanding its presence through your eyes 

It is something I’ve never seen

It makes me worry about your permanence 

But life can not be lived that way

In a constant state of worry

About what could be lost

Trying not to get hurt

Pain is inevitable 

It brushes past us in the wind every day waiting to pick us up and throw us down

Reminding us what it is 

To be alive

To be human 

Then there are moments like this 

Made out of whispers and soft touches 

That vibrate through our ears 

Holding onto white blood cells

Healing wounds left from 

Attacks made in the forest 

By creatures who didn’t care if we were left 

Dead or alive

Now I hesitate to interrupt your smooth voice

As it’s all I’ve ever wanted to hear 

Someday I’ll look back and think of a time

You weren’t here

And I was confused

About the meaning of stars

Seen from the desert

We don’t know the feeling of home

Until we’ve been lost

Never forget


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