Buh Boom


Swoosh swoosh swoosh

Break it down

Calm down

Buh boom 

Buh boom

Buh boom

You tell me things I can’t see

And it breaks cells down

Stranded in an oasis that can not be found

I don’t know if I can believe again

And mostly 

I don’t believe 

I don’t believe in love 

For me 

 For a shell of an extinct creature that shaped what is humanity 

That created the uneven surfaces

The grooves in your face

The tilt of your nose 

The indentation of your cheeks

That tried to see visions of you

 In my youth 

That kept me from reaching out

And being free

I trapped myself in an idea

A romantic vision that led to my death

In a coffin

That was a room

In a motel

By the ocean


An overpass

Where I was first let down

Maybe not first

But most concretely

I believed when you said those things about loving her

And her 

And her

But only now have I seen that 

I am

And I am

And I am

So it doesn’t matter

Not like it did

But it would be nice

To feel a warm body

That could hold my side

And only mine

For if any other is desired

None of it matters

None of it counts

And this is why most of you will be forever lost

Forever seeking

For once you find a fortress

You settle

And she will be your glory

But once you search for higher ground

She is burnt to the ground

Never to be rebuilt by you

But maybe another 

If he can be true

If he can be all of the things he writes her on rose petal paper

Lined with whispers of true desire

Maybe just maybe 

Buh boom 

Buh boom

Buh boom


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