Fabergé Heart

Hiding snow 

Under blankets

Afraid it will lose its shine

I’ve wanted to feel like that for a century

But I nearly lost my mind

Isn’t it funny how much more we can be 

When we feel we are loved

Even if it’s temporary

Even if it’s all pretend

But nuclear power 

Leads to destruction

On a catastrophic scale

So I bury my head

Pretend not to feel

Afraid you’re getting ready to go into a nuclear meltdown

Around this tiny little heart that is locked up tight

That is under surveillance

That is on life support

From being used 

So violently

So frivolously

So senselessly

I suppose when love is being given at one thousand percent

Demons are bound to answer the call

But I hope

What I can not say

Because it never turns out that way

And I can’t

Not one more time

So I won’t

At least I’ll pretend that I’m not

Until suddenly I am

And my Fabergé heart is in your hands

God, don’t let it get that far if it is all going to fade away

My heart doesn’t work that way

Picking apart pieces of people for keeps

But when they walk away

It’s pieces of myself left in disrepair 

I don’t have any more pieces to spare


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