There are words wrapped in tinfoil

That need to be thrown out

Left to disintegrate with the rest of the waste

People who shared memories that should 

Have kept continents together 

Threw the remnants of nuclear warheads at their blood sisters having shared a bond that was no more than a stick of dried out glue

Fathers are temporary 

As they see their position as an inconvenient chore that can be left as soon as the law’s minimum requirements of time have been fulfilled

Christians are asking for a purification that would go against the heart of Christ Himself

There is a division 

And it causes the earth to tremble as a lack of logic is being used to rule 

It is seen as no more than business as usual

But hate is not business

No one benefits from dissimulation 

Freedom to speak unless we don’t agree

The waters are receding

They will return with more force than can be contained


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