It’s terrifying to think of perfection

All of the things that could go wrong

When you’ve felt the smoke in your lungs

It’s hard to forget the heat from the flames

Questioning every movement

Analyzing every word

Intentions are where the blood spills out 

Hiding the truth 

Even from ourselves

We don’t want to need someone else

Yet someone always does 

Those first moments are sparks

Setting forests ablaze

As fire runs to the ocean to cool its desire

Being stopped by a ridge of reason 

That rebuttals all that is love

Which is nonsense





Most of all


With eyes sewn shut

There is a glimpse of what it could be

Until we meddle with chance 

Change the potion

Believing it could happen

But Sleeping with one eye open

One eye on the gun

Able to run away clean

Without bruises under clothes

That never happens

Bruise over bruise over bruise

Someone always gets hurt

Too scared to whisper

Wanting to try


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