Electric Love

I am 

Contagiously fatigued 

In a way that drains my desolate soul

I’m thirsty for an abundant love

That will electrically shock me


Into feeling 

More than existing 

To run fingers through your hair

Like we use to run through the overgrown grass

I am stopping mid thought

Forgetting my purpose

Flailing my arms around in all directions to feel like I’m taking up space 

Moving around molecules

Creating more than a void in this vast vacuum

Of overly sensationalized imposters

Claiming to want lifelong companions

When all they want are models to fill their fake portraits in front of matchbox homes that will burn as quickly as their conscience 

I will not accept defeat

I want it all

In all of its raw beauty

In all of its porous magnificence

I want a human being who will fight with me 

When they question my reasoning

Who will listen when ramblings need to make sense

And will choose every day to be next to me 

A flawed human being

Who gets angry too often 

And overwhelmed not enough 

I’m going to remind you every day

You took too long

And thank God you’re here

Even if I whisper it in your absent ear


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