Mysterious Ways

In between being invisible 

Thoughts fill my head

Crooked buildings with bending glass

An earth that is constantly spinning 

People around

Mixing ideas 

Stirring up feelings

Hiding under bridges that are crumbling

Radioactive merry-go-rounds are 

Transporting children

To school

Dreaming up ways 

To change trees 

That are rooted 




Into the frozen ground

Some of you have never seen the seasons change 

Pictures in a ski lodge

Are not lifetimes spent 

In barricaded basements 

Unable to trespass through the fallen snow

Being stuck with your own thoughts gives you introspective powers 

Maybe you experience this waiting for a wave

But I think 

A level of discomfort is needed 

To fully enter into the



Crevices of your morbidly oversimplified mind 

I hope you see something beautiful in something not perfectly smooth

I hope you look for imperfections as a sign of purity

I hope you don’t believe every lie disguised as indignation

I will watch you sit

Perfect and straight

Type your words like they have purpose

I’m sorry if my brows raise and my eyes question your purpose

My mind turns in mysterious ways


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