8,324 things to do

My concrete wheels are spinning 

Mud is flinging

I wanted to turn the world inside out

Make it question how it came about

Turn intentions into actions that would stun the most jaded skeptic

Here I sit

Sewn to the leather that envelops my atrophied muscles

I am strong 

And my body viable

But today

After a week of

Answering questions

Deflecting anger

Guiding knowledge

Washing bodies

Feeding cells

Having empathy for window shopping souls

Driving to overly populated buildings

Transporting and molding brains that are fizzing with a desire to come to life

Bringing plots full circle 

And so so much more

I feel the world can wait

I feel tomorrow is another day

I feel a little empty 

In the most contradictory way

I will make it up in an hour when I pick up my flight at ten times the speed

I will shuffle dirty laundry

And read libraries of books

All in hopes of making the world a little less dim

I will do it

Not this very moment 

Not this second

Maybe not even today

But I will do it


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