Have you seen him

He paces


Stands in one place 





Pieces of lives he never lived

People he never loved

Taps his bony fingers

Ruffles his thick black hair

Mixing grays with ebony 

Eyes scanning 

Looking for a face

Soft and pastel 

Calm like the curls whispering across her neck

He runs towards a figure 

Hunts her down

Why does she run

He’s not himself

And she’s far too thin

It isn’t her at all

A poor doppelgänger

A sad excuse for her substitute 

She said she would whither away with him 

When both were young and soft

She wasn’t in his plan 

She wasn’t Grace Kelly

Not even Audrey Hepburn

How could he carry her into the light

But once she was gone

I mean 

Really gone

He realized what she lacked

A distaste for him he had grown to expect

A need for something more 

She was simple in such an extraordinary way

He didn’t bother to peel the layers away 

Until it was too late and she had ran 

Deep into the forest 

Never to be seen again

Now he follows her ghost 

She haunts his reality


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