Forms of Matter

Shooting stars are tempting when you’re on the ground

Once you catch them they sparkle and pop in your hand 

Not realizing the layers of skin being lost

Liquid is

Of course

The most powerful force


And changing shape

To overpower 

Any obstacle

Even dams break over time

You are a vapor

Reminding me of home

A place filled with smoke

From all of the fires started

Though they never quite burnt the place down

Boy did we try 

Throwing sticks and stones

And words that wouldn’t stick

Nobody wanted to visit open spaces filled with tension from what wasn’t being said

I was raised to be looking to what could be 

Which is toxic

Bringing us to the most dangerous state of matter

A solid

Like your heart

Polished granite

That’s a sight to see

But no one wants to lay their head on stone

I’ll back away slowly 

Knowing what I found

I would kiss you with hurricane force if you let me

We’ll both pretend you don’t know this

Let it dissipate into the air

Catching speed as the atmosphere thins

Bursting into flames 

It makes its way out into the limitless void of space collecting particles as it ignites into a blazing sun

One day it will fall

Shooting across the sky 

Some poor soul

Will try to catch it too


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