Milk and Honey

What happens when colors mix together

Do they lose themselves or become something more vibrant?

I don’t think I believe it anymore

I don’t buy into your words

I don’t hear your compliments

My narrowed eyes are not judging 

They are looking past you 

Through you

If I could ring out all of your lies

Like dirty water from fabric

I fear the shriveled version of you would be just as I suspected

A disappointment

It’s not even lies

It’s an absence 

An omission of anything that could be used to create a viable shape 

Like salt dissolving on the tongue

Your words are fleeting and the aftertaste is mistakenly remembered as something sweet

Or it would be

If I were still a silly girl 

Who hadn’t experienced looking up from the floor 

Smelling the padding beneath the dirty carpet

Realizing actions are intentions 

Just as a lack of action identifies a lack of intention

We know this

This is not profound

This is not new or a revelation or an accomplishment 

It is an acknowledgment of the power of our minds

Of our hearts

Of our cravings to feel


To be felt

By someone

How complicated it has become 

When all we originally wanted was a loving glance and kiss on the forehead

That feels like an impossibility 


In real time

In our current state of 







The missing ingredient

Is honey

And what is milk without honey


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