Still Standing 

I’m glad for the taste of rain 

For an endless coast

That lets me drive 

Through my thoughts

That fester into wounds 

That can not be covered

I’m learning how to stitch them up

Let them air out

Heal over time 

I’m not as weak as my words

I just need a place to let the blood spill over 

Let the emotions exist

I stand in my stubborn isolation

I will not be used up as amusement

I will not be a friend that is only useful when the scenery is nice 

I’ve proven what I am capable of

I’ve just only recently been in belief of my worth 

I may sound defeated 

It is not an act 

Those words are simply the remnants of a scab from an open wound that is now healed

Next time you see me 

Looking straight into your eyes 

I am not questioning your intentions or expectations

I’m daring you to live up to mine


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