Adam’s Rib

Pieces of moments become superfluous 

As they disintegrate into dust

I have loved 

And loved 

And loved

When do we stop?

When does the novocaine we inject ourselves with afterwards 

Consume us 

Wanting people who never meant to want us

Maybe they never even had a fleeting thought of us while they were busy 

Locking sections of their lives into place 

A pretty face was a distraction

Must have known 

Foolishly creating virtual reality in your mind

Waking up

Laughing through sunlight peaking in to a room that was meant to stay in darkness

That image was never meant to be seen

That emotion was stolen from a piece of someone else’s rib

My solitude is comforted by lies of hope and justification

The truth is 

God never promised us soulmates

He just ripped bones from your body 

Used them to create a longing in me to find you

I still thirst to be complete

With fingerprints around my neck

I pray for forgiveness

As I don’t understand 

Seeing old women lost in their confusion of a fairytale lie that never came true 

Not even close

Not even loved

Not even once 

Not more than a minute at a time

He never even thought of her as he used bodies to fill a void meant to be her bridal bed

This is not a good place to dwell

I hate everything you never let me be


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