Optimism Faded

Marble and gold

Snow on the streets

Memories of long long hair

Red dresses 

Off the shoulder 

Turning words into songs

Drawing pictures in the closet

Frozen nights under a full moon

Seeing condensed breath dancing in the air

Stolen parties 

Misfit skateboards

Sweaters and miniskirts

Tires spinning

Rocking to get out

White and glass crystals sheeting the desert

I knew a place when I was young where the world curved under 

I grew an imagination that surpassed your logic and it leaves me feeling empty 

As I go through days where people are hollow and life’s optimism is faded in comparison to what to what imagined

I wonder why we experience youth

Where limits are optional and possibilities are endless until 18 hits like a cement wall

We were dummies all along

Strapped in for the ride

How we held up was dependent on our manufacturers

Mine walked out before the test was completed

Left to unbuckle myself

I barely learned to walk again

12 years later 

Waiting for someone to look me in the eyes


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