Hope Reborn

Heat on the skin 

Soaking into pores

Healing cracks deeper than the known layers

Lines form from the confidence of what has been achieved

What mountains have been climbed 

What land has been reclaimed

No longer a wandering nomad 

This home will be shaken 

But its now reinforced walls will not fall down

Sound your trumpets and raise your hands

A solitary victory is something to cling to

It is exhausting in a way that is unexplainable to nourished souls

Learning the taste of something beyond survival

Your extended hand is no longer necessary to my existence

But I will gladly hold on to your friendly gesture as a sign of hope in a humanity that has not yet turned its back on what it is to be

A privilege to interact 

An observance of beauty 

A duty to peace and love

I will hold on to the feeling of today’s warm sun


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