Heavy Bones

Lost again

Yesterday was found

A villain

Never knew how to 

Do these things 

Now being given 

To do

Raising up lives

In an open field 

With an audience watching 

And trees listening

Commenting play by play

No more patience 

I thought I was doing this right

No more energy

I thought I had found strength for the fight

It’s hard to love

When love 

Hasn’t been experienced 

In such a long time

Fighting to be 

All I need to be

I hope they see that I’ve tried

Pushing the straw basket up onto the shore 

Is that enough

Shrinking into a crumpled form 

I fade into the sea 

May its salt wash away 

Every deed I did wrong 

May it heal these wounds

As I follow 

The anchor 

Tied round my 

Now heavy bones 


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