I know how it was supposed to be

Which is why it hurts so goddam much

In a twisted way

The only thing that comforts me 

Is knowing that everybody hurts 

In someway

We all want pieces of each other’s lives not realizing what could make us whole

I make sure my hair is silky and long so I outshine girls who pushed me out of the way

I don’t try to paint my face

I don’t want to give anyone the satisfaction 

I run to get away from myself

A reflection reminds me of how little I’ve done

Every hand pulled away 

Every lover who thinks of me with dismay

An opportunity missed

 They weren’t sure they wanted it anyway

I wake in the morning

All of the weight on myself


Fixing all of the things that have gone wrong


Ensuring security to a broken home 


I tread water as the sea rises 

I’ll stay here 

Hoping for an answer

Haunt you once I’m gone


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